Handwoven carpets and kilims

Carpet weaving has always been an integral part of Persian culture and art. It reflects the history of Iran and its various people.

From the first mention by ancient Greek writers till today, handwoven Persian carpets and rugs are seen as objects of high artistic value and prestige.  Persian carpets and rugs, of different designs, are woven by nomadic tribes, in villages and little workshops in towns using only high quality natural materials and colours.

Designs have been passed down from generation to generation and include both geometric shapes and symbols that derive from ancient mythology of the region as well as love stories, daily life and more.

A Persian carpet or a kilim is a wonderful addition to any home!

Choose by size, design, colour, material or price.
Let us know what you like and we will get it for you!
Prices exclude postage.

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Amazing ….

Love this picture of a weaving-loom .... long!

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Geometric kilim

200 x 110 cm - price 210,-

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Earth-orange kilim

90 x 120 cm - price: € 230,-

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Bakhtiari carpet

Natural dye ... handwoven ... nomad carpet

Different sizes / Price 375,- Euro

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Baluchi camel carpet

Beautiful Baluchi carpet - reflection of daily life in Iran Baluchistan!

80 cm by 110 cm/ Price 480,- €

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