KOOCH’s motto is: Bridging cultures.
Support and honour the artisans of Iran by having an unique piece of Persia in your house!

The Persian meaning of KOOCH is migration. Migration of the nomads in Iran. Year after year, for hundreds and hundreds of years. Many of our products are made by the nomads – mainly for their own use.
At the same time KOOCH is migration of the exotic products made in Iran, from every corner of this ancient country to your home! Wherever in the world!

KOOCH – a piece of Persia!

I feel very lucky to call Persia, Iran, my homeland. I am a daughter of an Iranian father and a Dutch mother. I grew up in a family where Art and local Art was very important.

My father studied Decorative Arts in Paris and upon his return to Iran founded the University of Decorative Arts in Tehran in 1958. His remarks on the past and future of Persian art, which he greatly admired, will forever be in my mind. He always wanted his students to appreciate the wonders of Persian art from earlier centuries and to draw on it as inspiration for modern work.

There were so many days that my parents came home with another unique piece of local art! We were beautifully surrounded by them. My father always told us that every piece had a story, held a memory.

With this upbringing and the study of Anthropology, it was very obvious for me to start Ciran (www.ciran.eu). Ciran organises cultural journeys through Iran since 1994 and believes in bringing the people and cultures of Iran and the world closer together.

Over the years, during our travels, my colleague Janet Egberts and I bought many ‘things’ for our houses… often just on the road. Items from ordinary people in cities, from villagers, from nomads… from isolated parts of the country. Every piece more special than the other.

We knew and we know that by buying these local products, we support Iran’s centuries old handicrafts. With the energy of all these, we started this website. A website where you can see and buy products from Iran. This way you can support AND enjoy this thousand of years old country, just by having a PIECE OF IRAN in your home!

Love to hear from you!
Kheli mamnoon,
Neda Kazemi